No server is required, just an internet connection.

Up to date security software.

High availability, daily operation and data backup are supported and monitored by IMI local team.

Monthly subscription, no big initial investment.

Flexible user license management.

All customizations can be applied.

IMI's consultants have years of QAD implementation experience, and our consultants are QAD certified consultants. We use QAD’s standard methodology in the implementation, It is a focused and affordable way for customers to implement QAD Enterprise Applications using:

Industry-specific solutions.

Built in best practices.

Pre-defined project scope.

Predictable costs.

Reduced implementation times.

We have years of Progress programming experience, developing applications, reports to be linked with QAD application and also modifying QAD standard reports. We follow QAD standard programming practice, we provide Progress programming training, Progress program development. Our Progress program development covers QAD SE and QAD EE.